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Black Aces Tactical Announces Po’ Boy AR15 Suppressor for Just $199
ORLANDO, FLORIDA – Black Aces Tactical (BAT), an American manufacturer best known for its patented custom shotguns, is excited to announce the release of the company’s new Po’ Boy suppressor for 5.56 AR15.
At just $199 retail - with even the least expensive silencers on the market coming in at nearly double the price - customers are finally now able to purchase a quality suppressor at less than the cost of the required NFA tax stamp.
Will be arriving soon, order processing.
Black Aces Tactical is a weapons manufacturing company based in Central Florida that is dedicated to providing the customer an heirloom quality weapons and suppressors. All BAT weapons are made in America. The company holds four patents.
Cost will be $200 each plus transfer, $10 off for pre-orders