Chelsea Firearms & Training Academy

Custom Long range rifle, Remington actioned McMillan stock, 30" Stainless fluted barrel, with custom muzzle break, chambered in the hard hitting 308 Baer

Has a Harris bipod (not fitted) Aluminum wheeled carry case, cleaning rods, 2 sets of dies etc, very nice controllable long range rifle

A customer called me to ask about his grandfathers Luger. He wasn't sure about the gun's ability to shoot. I inspected it, cleaned it, and we took it to the range to test fire. I shot the 1st 3 rounds, then the customer, and then Austin my Gunsmith at the time . It shot great. We came back from the range and I cleaned it up once more. We gave it back to the customer at no charge, as we enjoyed shooting it!

Black Aces Tactical Shotgun

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